About Us

In order to establish and maintain financial transparency Solid Waste Districts are required to post a report. Click on the link below to access Northwest Indiana Solid Waste District’s SB 131.


As a result of growing landfills in Indiana, the 1991 State Legislature required each county to have a plan to address its solid waste issues. Our six counties (Benton, Carroll, Jasper, Newton, Pulaski and White) joined together to develop a plan, and the District office formed. District services are performed by our two employees, the Board of Directors, and volunteers.

There are a total of 20 Board members representing the six counties in our district. All members are elected officials who facilitate all District business, determine what programs are funded, and govern District services and projects.

The Citizens’ Advisory Committee (CAC) is comprised of appointed volunteers who provide expertise, plan, and help to implement various projects. The members are the “cogs” that make the programs succeed. They serve in a variety of ways including commenting on the budget, waste management issues, diversion programs, and assisting with education and events.

Citizens Advisory Committee Members

  • Benton County:Angie Brooks
  • Carroll County: Kirstin Whan & Carl Seese
  • Jasper County: Andy Daniels & Heather Hall
  • Newton County: Marueen Inman
  • Pulaski County: John Kegarise
  • White County: Dawn Girard, Troy Weaver

Board Members

  • Benton County: Bruce Buchanan,  Steve Cox, Linda Brouillette
  • Carroll County: Steve Pearson, Paul Rider, Cody Nelson
  • Jasper County: Kendall Culp, Rein Bontreger, Ernest Watson
  • Newton County: Mickey Read, Timothy Drenth, Debby Shufflebarger, Tim Lohr,
  • Pulaski County: Ken Becker,  Mike Tiede, Melanie Berger
  • White County: Butch Kramer, David Diener, Steve Burton, Bill Cheever